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Charity hoping to mobilise 12 million people through social media

A UK-based charity is using social media to highlight its message ahead of a key date in its calendar.

The International Day for Street children takes place this week (12 April) and to mark the day Consortium for Street Children’s (CSC) More than meets the eye campaign addresses the reality of millions of young people who depend on the streets for their survival or development.

CSC is using social media – and the hashtag #TweetForTheStreet – to share various messages and attempt to mobilise 12 million people worldwide to back the campaign.



The campaign is timed to put the spotlights on street children and their needs just as the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child is due to publish its General Comment on Children in Street Situations in 2017. The Comment means the UN recognizes that governments can – and should – do a much better job of protecting children whose opportunities are so reduced that the street has become their ‘best’ option. A General Comment gives guidance to Governments on making policies to give proper support for children.


Social media support

The charity is also aiming to add more names to its online petition calling for an official UN Day for Street Children to be introduced, and will be utilising Thunderclap to further spread its message.

Dr Sarah Thomas de Benitez, CEO of Consortium for Street Children said: “It is deeply distressing that Governments allow children in the streets to be routinely abused, ignored and marginalised. Our campaign is all about challenging perceptions and encouraging people to look again. We see children. We see potential.”

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