New platform aggregates and measures impact of social campaigns

Viewly, a platform providing a central hub for all social campaigns taking place across the Internet, has gone live.

The new platform tracks the impact of social campaigns and their contributors, providing a Viewly metascore in the process. This score enables users to track the impact of their efforts on a campaign and see how many people were touched and moved to action by their specific participation. The score measures an individual’s social impact, based on their donations as well as their efforts to increase awareness of campaigns through shares, likes, repins, and retweets, and importantly, how much their friends and followers responded, whether monetarily or through social media to their efforts.

Viewly also provides an online and mobile home for social campaigns where campaigners and participants can come together in the same place and see everything going on with a specific campaign.

From the heavily shared #BringBackOurGirls, to the #IceBucketChallenge, #JeSuisCharlie, and the most recent #CondomChallenge, viral campaigns are becoming the favoured mode for garnering social awareness and action around a cause. However, these campaigns exist organically across multiple social platforms, with no unified point of reference other than hashtags, making quantifying their effectiveness, and that of individual contributors and influencers, very difficult.


Social impact

“Viewly is the first platform that manages to transform the millions of shares and likes, generated by social campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and other platforms, into something meaningful and measurable.” said co-founder and CEO, Alon Lewin.

“Viewly takes social campaigns to the next level. We provide a home where it’s easy and fun for everyone to discover, create and participate in social campaigns for good causes. Viewly works because it is fast, easy, and above all, meaningful. We are seeking people who care about the world to join our community and be part of our vision.”

Viewly is available on the web and Android.

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  • MIchael_Gerard

    wow this looks great. Measuring social impact of people as a game, can increase the good things people our doing – Do Good Competition, Let’s hope everyone is a winner there:)