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Make It Rain: Tips and tricks for crowdfunding success (Infographic)

Social Misfits Media has launched its latest free online guide for charities – this time focusing on crowdfunding.

‘Make It Rain’, which was sponsored by JustGiving and the Institute of Fundraising, breaks down the lifecycle of a crowdfunding campaign into three stages: Pre-Campaign, Live Campaign, and Post-Campaign.

The guide features case studies and interviews with leading charitable and nonprofit organisations who have led successful crowdfunding campaigns, including Not My Style, Hollaback!, The Royal Academy of Arts and Doctors of the World.

Make It Rain is full of tangible recommendations from the Institute of Fundraising and from JustGiving, video tips from the experts at NuccoBrain as well as featuring a flowchart quiz to help organisations figure out if crowdfunding is the right route for them.

The purpose of the guide is to inspire third-sector organisations, and get them to start thinking strategically about crowdfunding as a fundraising tool – and providing a roadmap to ensure crowdfunding success.

2. SMM Infographic - Should You Crowdfund

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