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Backlash as Instagram announces timeline changes

Proposed changes announced by Instagram that will change how content will appear in the app’s feed have sparked a backlash among some users.

The photo sharing app announced earlier this month that it planning to add an algorithm that will rank posts and sort them according to users’ interests. The app currently lists posts in chronological order.


Following suit

The news was confirmed in a blog post and follows similar moves by Facebook and Twitter in the past few years.

“To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most,” reads the blog post.

“The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”



Organisations, as well as celebrity posters worried that their photos may no longer be seen by as many people, have urged their followers to “turn on notifications”. By turning on notifications followers should receive an alert every time the star posts something.

Instagram has responded by saying that there is no reason to panic. “We’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now,” the photo-sharing app tweeted.

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