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Virtual reality campaign launched by charity 

An animal protection charity is using virtual reality (VR) technology to highlight its latest campaign and get the public closer to the issues being highlighting.

Animal Equality is the first animal protection group in the world to transport people inside factory farms and slaughterhouses via virtual reality technology in order to highlight the mistreatment of animals and poor conditions that are prevalent.

The iAnimal project was filmed over the past 18 months inside pig farms in the UK, Germany and Italy as well as a slaughterhouse in Spain. Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan has narrated the VR film, which will be taken on tour over the coming weeks and months.


Getting close to the subject

Through the lenses of the virtual reality headset, viewers feel that they are inside the farm and slaughterhouse, alongside all the other animals sharing their fate.

Toni Shephard, UK executive director of Animal Equality said: “Virtual reality opens up worlds that used to be hidden from us and there is nothing more secretive than the way animals are reared and killed for food. Now, through our cutting-edge iAnimal project, we can open up these secretive worlds and allow everyone to experience first-hand how farmed animals live and die.”

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