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Charity social media campaign launched with celebrity backing

Mind, the mental health charity, and MEC Manchester have launched an exciting new social campaign alongside a raft of celebrities and ambassadors encouraging people to open up about what is making them anxious.

Known as #TakeOffTheTape has already seen TV presenters, actors, models, sports men and women from across the country confirm that they will support the campaign, including CBBC presenter Ben Shires who was the first to take part.

Despite many strong campaigns around mental health, the subject remains highly misunderstood. People are still reluctant to be open when they’re struggling to cope because of the reaction they fear from their friends and peers.


Symbolic gesture

The new social campaign developed for Mind includes a symbolic gesture of ripping off the metaphorical tape over our mouths that prevents us from talking about what is making us stressed or anxious.

CBBC presenter, Ben Shires said: “Even the most positive and fulfilled people you know will get anxious. For my Take Off The Tape challenge I chose the weight of expectation as the cause of anxiety. To be honest, I consider myself one of the luckiest blokes out there as I love my job, however understanding where the chinks in the armour are really help to lend perspective to everything.”

To find out more about the #TakeOffTheTape challenge, visit

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