Facebook adds video capabilities and more to Atlas platform

Facebook has rolled out some updates to its Atlas platform including video ad serving capabilities and new measurement tools, which the company says enable marketers to measure value both online and offline.

As well as the launch of a video ad serving, which Facebook says makes it easier for brands to tell their stories across devices within the Atlas platform, the company has launched ‘Offline Actions’, a measurement tool designed to help advertisers using Atlas tie together offline sales to online ad spend.


On and offline

Interestingly for charities, Offline Actions allows advertisers to upload their point-of-sale (POS) data and understand how their online ads are influencing offline purchases.

Dave Jakubowski, head of ad tech at Facebook said in a blog post: “We’re working with advertisers on Path to Conversion (by device reporting) to provide insight into all the ways real people – not cookies – see ads across multiple devices before making a conversion.

“Other path to conversion solutions rely on cookie-based reporting, but Atlas is based on real people, which allows advertisers to see the real path across desktop, tablet, and mobile prior to online conversion.”

Facebook added that the new roll-outs were the result of over 12 months of experimentation.

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