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Emotive Greenpeace film highlights arctic trawler damage

A new Greenpeace film supporting it’s Save the Arctic campaign implores people to sign a petition to stop destructive fishing in the Arctic.

Created by agency Don’t Panic, ‘The Little Explorer’ shows the impact that destructive fishing trawlers have on the Arctic’s underwater environment and the path of destruction they leave in their wake.

The video shows a young girl in her room, imagining herself exploring the beauty of the Arctic sea’s depths and its native wildlife. The scene is suddenly ruined by a trawl net that descends, sweeping the young girl away.


Calling all companies

This film is at the forefront of Greenpeace’s campaign to Save the Arctic, which calls on companies to stop destructive fishing in the northern Barents Sea and the waters around Svalbard, to protect the fragile ecosystem.

The campaign calls for retailers and food brands to no longer use suppliers that engage in destructive fishing in these waters. Greenpeace is also calling on the Norwegian government to create a ‘Marine Protected Area’ in the northern Barents Sea and the waters around Svalbard.

Don’t Panic’s latest work for Greenpeace follows its Cannes Lions and D&AD award-winning LEGO: Everything is NOT Awesome, which became a worldwide viral hit and helped force an end to Lego’s fifty-year partnership with Shell, worth £68m.


‘Destroying life under the ice’ 

Joe Wade, MD and co-founder of Don’t Panic said: “This is the latest in an exciting series of videos we have created for Greenpeace as part of their Save the Arctic campaign. We saw amazing success with ‘Everything is NOT Awesome’ and we hope to raise similar awareness with the ‘The Little Explorer’.

For this video we have bought a child’s imagination to life, to capture the true beauty of the Arctic. It is fragile, enchanting and home to some of the most unique creatures in the world, but unfortunately it is now under threat due to destructive fishing which is completely destroying life under the ice. We must stop this and join Greenpeace in their fight to protect the Arctic”.


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