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Is your website still unsecured?

How much difference could one little letter make to the safety of your website and those using it? Well, as it turns out… rather a lot. Achieving an ‘s’ on the end of the ‘http’ on your web address denotes that your site is encrypted, offering a safer experience for all.

Back in January Google published guidelines to website owners explaining that they would warn internet users if they are about to enter an unsecured site, making any domains lacking the crucial ‘s’ highly undesirable.


Hope is at hand    

So, if you haven’t yet improved security on your site, how can  you go about it?

Well, luckily for you, the good folks at Nimbus Hosting have prepared this infographic with a step-by-step guide on moving your site to https.



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  • “Each secure site requires its own dedicated IP address” – not true. There is a web server technology called SNI ( that lets you serve multiple sites from the same IP address. Modern servers and hosts should be able to do this.

    “Be sure to purchase your SSL from a reputable provider…” – actually, the first step these days is to ask your host if they support a free certificate provider, such as LetsEncrypt.

    HTTPS also enables some new technologies in the web such as HTTP2 which can improve performance – that’s another good reason to implement it that is not listed.