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Charities Aid Foundation hails success of payment platform

The Charities Aid Foundation’s has announced that its online donation processing platform CAF Donate has now dealt with more than £50m for small and medium-sized charities since its launch less than two years ago.

Over 1.4 million direct debit payments alone have driven £14.5m of regular giving per year, the charity’s latest figures show.

The platform launched in June 2014 to help charities previously priced out of offering direct debit donations and unable to unlock the generosity of their supporters online.

The surge in donations has been helpful to smaller charities – defined as having an annual turnover of less than £1m –  who make up 96% of the UK voluntary sector.

More than 2,300 charities now use the platform which also enables them to set up online fundraising pages and process telephone and postal payments without having to pay a fixed cost.

The service has been particularly popular with education, health and religious sector charities which thrive on regular donations. For example, universities are using the service to collect donations from alumni.


Figures published today show that:

  • CAF Donate has now passed the £50million landmark with £51.4million in donations processed;
  • 1.4m direct debit donations have been made since January 2013, while there have been more than 180,000 one-off donations made via card, PayPal and CAF Account and CAF Charity Vouchers & Cards – of these, 130,000 were made by card and PayPal;
  • The average one-off donation made on a card via CAF Donate is £100, more than six times the average £14 donation made to charity in 2014;
  • CAF Donate’s typical customers are small to medium charities in education, health and the religious sector, who often did not have an online donations facility or found other platforms too costly;
  • CAF Donate is mainly used by fundraisers. They can set-up and monitor campaigns to boost their charity’s fundraising, as well as see who is donating to them.


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