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Facebook launches advice website for nonprofits

Facebook has launched a website that teaches nonprofits how to better utilise the social media network.

The site – nonprofits.fb.com – offers tools and tips to help any nonprofit become a Facebook success.

Plenty of advice is included, covering how to enhance a page with visuals, posting to the page, promoting the page and creating a campaign strategy that is focused on paid promotion. The site also walks nonprofits through the basics of growing the community, utilising the news feed to grab attention and to raise awareness with advertising.

Facebook has also included a section that features success stories of how the site has been used in the past to help other nonprofits. Examples of campaign creatives are posted, as well, giving social media managers and paid media managers inspiration for upcoming campaigns.



The value of the new site has been questioned by many however. Non Profit Quarterly suggests that “the tool is being launched about a decade too late”, and that “A significant amount of the information provided by Facebook seems to speak to nonprofits just starting out on the platform, when most organisations were aware that they needed to establish a social media presence on sites like Facebook back in 2007”.

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