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Not-for-profits still missing out on online training

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The not-for-profit sector is crying out for a way to quickly upskill existing talent.

This is according to a report by the ADBL, which found that just 13 per cent of not-for-profit organisations feel that they have a way to quickly train their existing talent with the additional skills they need.

A lack of training often correlates to higher staff turnover and waning employee motivation, and  this low figure suggests that learning and development departments across not-for-profits need to research and invest in further training. If the focus is on quick upskilling, utilising online training resources can provide fast, cost-effective results.

According to Shevaun Haviland, founding director of the ADBL: “For digital upskilling to gain traction throughout an organisation, those with learning and development responsibility need to ‘light some fires’: find pockets of influencers and give them the digital training the entire organisation is in need of.

“This will spread the word, and attract further handraisers, increasing demand for digital skills development organically.”

Fast-paced upskilling comes from the top, so it’s important that the senior leadership team are prepared and engaged in learning and development. The ADBL offers a number of digital business bootcamps, designed to upskill senior leadership teams overnight.

To find out more, visit the ADBL’s website.

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