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Leftover data donated to charity programme

Leftover mobile data is being transformed into clean water, food and temporary lodging for refugees in Syria thanks to a new charity project.

Unused mobile data can be donated as real money to help fund UNHCR’s work in the war torn country thanks to the #datadonate project, initiated by mobile operator Three Sweden.

The background to the initiative is that some customers don’t use all their mobile data each month, which means they have some to spare; data which they can now transform into donations.

Customers contribute by donating data, and Three Sweden makes sure that an amount of money equivalent to the data donation is given to charity.


The next big thing?

While not a new intiaitive – the idea has been used before by Singapore-based mobile operator StarHub – it is still rare and charities have the opportunity to build similar partnerships in the UK.

“For us, this is a new way of donating to charity, and as so the opening stages of the project will be a bit of an experiment, to be further developed – in an open-ended project. We also hope to inspire other companies and organizations to do the same. Therefore, we have developed a process enabling us to share all the knowledge that we’ve gathered in this project with other interested organisations and companies,” said Nicholas Högberg, CEO, Three Sweden.

“We are very happy and thankful that Three Sweden, in collaboration with its customers, has chosen to support UNHCR’s work in helping refugees fleeing from the war in Syria. UNHCR works around the clock to provide protection and emergency assistance, and the support from the #datadonate initiative will make a significant difference,” added Amelie Häger, who is responsible for corporate partnerships in Sweden for UNHCR.

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