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Free download can turn old laptops into Chromebooks

Neverware announced the availability of a free version of CloudReady, an operating system that, in partnership with Google, turns almost any existing PC or Mac into a fully functional Chromebook.

Like the paid version of CloudReady, the free offering has been certified by Neverware on nearly 200 computer models and can be used on hundreds of others. Both versions include automatic updates and simple installation from a USB thumb drive.


Integration with Google services 

Since CloudReady is based on the same code that powers Chromebooks, it offers complete and secure integration with Google Apps and other Google services.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer a free version of CloudReady,” said Neverware CEO Jonathan Hefter. “This will allow users around the world to have free access to the simplicity and speed of Chromebooks, using the computers they already have.”

The paid version of CloudReady, which offers dedicated support and integration with Google’s device management console, launched in spring 2015.  It has already been purchased by over 100 school districts in the United States, and CloudReady pilot programs are underway with organizations in 10 countries.

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