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How to rediscover the power of your charity’s email mailing list


Launching a new fundraising campaign doesn’t have to take a huge financial investment. It’s worth considering what may be an untapped resource – the email mailing list.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is inviting charities to rediscover the potential of email marketing in a webinar, which will take place on Thursday 3 and Wednesday 9 March.

A single email can reach thousands of supporters at a very low cost, creating a handsome ROI. What’s more, email allows charities to segment their lists, meaning that supporters receive the messages that are right for them.

“A properly planned email marketing strategy can save fundraising,” explains Matt Collins of digital marketing agency Platypus Digital, which has helped charities including Relate, Mencap, Action for Children, and many more raise money and reach people online.

He also notes that in e-commerce, 23 per cent of total revenue comes from email.

CAF continues: “With the use of email increasing over the use of social media, your charity’s data list could be your hidden treasure.”

Reasons to join

In just 45 minutes, charities can learn the skills for using email as a fundraising tool, as Matt explains how to create and deliver powerful email messages alongside other fundraising activities, and shows how other charities have used email to retain their supporters.

Matt, webinar presenter, will also be on hand to answer any questions in an interactive Q&A session.

Don’t miss out – for more information and to register for the webinar, visit CAF’s website.

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