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Trial of social media focused fuel poverty scheme announced

Hubbub UK is trialling a new social media campaign aimed at helping households struggling with energy bills.

Fuelling Connections is an online community hub that pulls together local support, advice and information on saving money in the home, with the key focus on reducing the cost of energy.

The initiative has been launched in response to findings that highlight how, in the UK, 26,000 people die a year because they can’t afford to heat their homes.


Trial regions

Fuelling Connections is being trialled through Facebook in three locations; Doncaster, Poplar & Limehouse in London and Truro & Falmouth. Each group is led by a local co-ordinator with a strong link to householders and existing services in the area. The project also has the support of the three local MP’s; Caroline Flint MP, Jim Fitzpatrick MP and Sarah Newton MP.

“Our campaign is a pilot project to reach the people who need support most through a platform used by millions, said Hubbub founder Trewin Restorick. “Our research showed that the people we want to reach use Facebook more than any other social media, so this is the best place to turn to find support.”

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