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Skype Managed Accounts to be phased out  

Charities that use skype to communicate are being warned that Microsoft will be phasing out support for Skype Managed Accounts on 29 March.

Microsoft started to notify Skype Managed Account users about the change on 16 February, which will see managed accounts transition to personal accounts.

In communications Microsoft says personal accounts provide the ability for users to directly change their personal settings, redeem vouchers and purchase different Skype services.

Managed Accounts are accounts that are created and maintained by the Skype Manager administrator, whereas personal accounts belong to the individual using that account.


Seamless transition

Microsoft says the transition from Managed Account to personal accounts will be seamless, however, it is highly recommended that users of a Managed Account log into their account and verify that a valid and accessible email address is set in their profile. This is the email address that will be used for any password reset after the transition to personal accounts.

Microsoft’s support site continued on to say that prior to the transition date, a Skype Manager administrator may take back allocated Skype Numbers and Skype Credit from a Managed Account.
After the transition, Managed Accounts will change to personal accounts. As a Skype Manager administrator, you will no longer be able to perform all the administrative functions you were previously able to on these accounts. You can still assign Skype Credit amounts, subscriptions and Skype Numbers to personal accounts but you will no longer be able to reset passwords or delete these accounts.
Following the transition, allocated subscriptions, Skype Credit or Skype Numbers associated with a personal account may not be retrievable by the Skype Manager administrator and content or material associated with Managed Account may no longer be accessible by the Skype Manager administrator.

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