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Charities could be vulnerable to cyber attacks, survey finds

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Cyber security is an increasing priority for organisations across the UK, with the country now targeted with as many as 1,000 cyber attacks an hour. As phishing software becomes increasingly sophisticated, so too does the targeting, and hackers are now shifting their focus to smaller organisations.

According to the government’s information security breach survey 2015, 74 per cent of SMEs experienced some form of information security breach in 2015. Therefore it’s crucial that smaller organisations and charities learn lessons from some of the recent high profile security breaches and invest in both the software and knowledge to protect their information in a period of increasing cyber crime.

The ADBL Digiskills Report Q4 2015 delved further into the issue of cyber security, finding that 65 per cent of not-for-profit organisations disagreed with the statement: “Everyone in our organisation can hold a conversation about basic cyber security risks.”

Knowledge of cyber security could, at its most basic level, consist of understanding the need for using complicated passwords, so it’s clear that not-for-profits need to act now to protect their digital assets.

The ADBL offers a number of digital business bootcamps including full-day workshops on cyber security, content marketing and social media. To find out more, visit the ADBL’s website.

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