Common complaints hindering OpenStack uptake

IT professionals are open to the idea of using OpenStack but many fear the hidden costs of the open-source cloud platform, according to a study by SUSE.

The study found that private cloud adoption has become mainstream with 88 per cent of UK companies utilising one or more private cloud solutions within their business. A whopping 96 per cent of those surveyed now trust cloud solutions for business-critical workloads.

However, when it comes to public cloud services the survey findings were less positive. OpenStack implementation has failed in half of the UK organisations that have tried to implement it. That has contributed to just 21 per cent of UK respondents already using OpenStack.

Other barriers to the uptake cited by those surveyed include concerns about vendor lock-in and the lack of available skillsets in the market.


Future positivity

Future uptake does however look rosy for the technology as 59 per cent are planning to invest in an OpenStack solution.

Danny Rowark, country manager, UK and Ireland at survey sponsor SUSE said: “This new report clearly demonstrates that UK businesses are keen to adopt private cloud, even for business-critical workloads. However, it’s important that IT departments are able to overcome the complexities that continue to arise here. With cost as a primary motivator for UK businesses to move to the cloud, an open source solution can play a key role in enabling organisations to implement a private cloud solution – reducing costs, driving innovation and agility, as well as providing freedom from vendor lock-in.”

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