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WhatsApp joins the billion user club

WhatsApp, the digital messaging service, is now used by a billion people every month, parent company Facebook has reported.

The company reports that 42 billion messages and 250 million videos are sent using WhatsApp every day – with those numbers continuing to rise rapidly.

Organisations of all sizes, including charities, are being urged to look at ways the messaging platform can be used to reach out to customers following the news that subscription fees are to be dropped and marketing opportunities opened up.


Enhanced platform

Various improvements have been made to the messaging platform to enhance its usability. Last month a desktop version, called WhatsApp for Web, was introduced, enabling messages to be sent direct from a web browser.

Facebook CEO Mark Zukcerberg, commenting via a Facebook post, suggested that work was ongoing to “make it easier to communicate with businesses”. While nothing concrete has been announced, speculation seems to confirm WhatsApp’s move into targeted messaging.

That would bring the platform in line with Facebook’s Messenger for Business service, which enables companies to interact with their customers via Facebook, something that a number of charities are already looking for ways to exploit.

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