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Google to shame http websites

Google Chrome has issued guidelines to web developers informing them that it will tell web users when they visit non-secure http pages.

The move has been made to increase the development of HTTPS pages and highlight how standard unencrypted HTTP sites offer little in the way of data security to users. A red cross will appear over the padlock next to the URL to warn browsers.


Bolstering privacy

The guidelines outline how to bolster user privacy, making it harder for third parties to monitor web activity. Google Chrome will reward participating sites with a green lock visible on the browser, signifying the security of said site, making it safer for the transferal of personal and financial details.

A post on the Google Chromium blog said: “HTTPS preserves the integrity of your website and ensures connections with your users are encrypted.”

It’s not known when the new marking system will be introduced by Google but via the company’s newly released  Security Panel, a Chrome-based website development tool, developers will be able to identify issues preventing sites from attaining the green padlock that represents a secure connection. It will also check the validity of each site’s digital certificate.

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