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Mandatory Caller ID consultation launched

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has launched a consultation on plans to make direct marketing callers, including charities, provide valid Calling Line Identification (CLI).

The move would make it easier for people to refuse and report unwanted marketing calls, increase the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) ability to enforce PECR breaches and increase Ofcom’s ability to enforce against silent and abandoned calls under the Communications Act 2003.

The ICO could consider such failure to provide CLI to be a “serious contravention” of PECR with a potential £500,000 penalty applicable in the most serious cases. What’s more, Ofcom has suggested that any further breaches of the CLI requirement could be considered “persistent misuse” of electronic communications networks or services under the Communications Act 2003. This could attract a £2m penalty.


Amended Code

When it amended its Code of Fundraising Practice back in November, the Institute of Fundraising stated that fundraising agencies and charities must, wherever possible, use telephone numbers that could be identified by the recipient.

The consultation document indicates that the proposal would apply to those promoting the aims of not-for-profit organisations such as charities.

The consultation closes on 23 February 2016. DCMS seeks to bring any change into force in spring 2016.

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