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One in ten Brits pressured into charity donations, says report

New research has revealed that 13 per cent of Brits have donated to charity as they have felt under pressure to do so when asked.

The research, commissioned by technology platform company Activistic, further revealed that six per cent of the British public have never donated money to charity, with a lack of transparency on where the money goes (43 per cent) and street fundraisers (31 per cent) putting them off.


Another way

However, of the 2,175 adults questioned, 28 per cent of British adults would be more likely to give money to charity via an app if it meant a reduction in the number of cold calls made by charities. The survey also found that 60 per cent of Brits said that the reason they have donated money to a charity is because it was close to their hearts.

Activistic commissioned the research ahead of the launch of its new micro-donation app, Ralli, which will allow Brits to donate from as little as 50 pence up to three pounds a month via their mobile phone bill. Thanks to the app’s use of technology, charities receive more of the money donated than when giving by traditional means. Ralli will allow UK taxpayers to receive Gift Aid.

Charities already signed-up to feature on the app include Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Arc Youth Counselling, Grass Roots Suicide Prevention, Emmaus, Temwa, Spark Inside, Tearfund and The Nehemiah.


Costly practices

Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian, head of marketing at Ralli said: “There has been much focus on the traditional fundraising practices of UK charities over the past year. As our research reveals, donors have felt pressurised in to donating money and practices such as street fundraisers are potentially costing charities vital donations.

“Modern technology offers charities opportunities to adopt new fundraising practices, which will be far more remunerative.”

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  • Carolyn Causton

    But isn’t our experience so far that donor’s don’t give via mobile and digital tech as much as by traditional means? I know this is to do with audiences – but what is the research showing now? Giving donors choice is paramount, but we still need the opportunity to ask.