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Charity boss calls for help from tech firms

The head of Save the Children International, Janti Soeripto, has urged tech firms for their support to combat child poverty, which is reaching epidemic levels.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the charity leader is encouraging the IT industry to help combat child poverty and inequality and has suggested that technology already in existence could be used to fight homelessness and create new ways to educate children.

At the global gathering in Switzerland Soeripto is asking tech firms who have the innovative capacity to run a hackathon for the charity in order to find solutions that can be rapidly deployed to solve problems.

At the highly-regarded Forum Soeripto admitted that the charity development sector is “very tech-unsavvy”, and “struggling with legacy systems at a time when the refugee crisis is straining services”.

Soeripto gave the example of repurposing basic messaging services for use by Save the Children staff in the field. Alternatively, it was suggested that tech could be evolved in a way that allows contact to be made with specific groups of children, even when you don’t know where they are.

Soeripto hopes that smaller firms will be able to help, as well as tech giants such as Google, and cited those in cyber-security as being particularly important given the data protection challenges faced when working with young people.

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