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Deloitte’s predictions for 2016 could revolutionise mobile giving

Deloitte has published its Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions for 2016. Among them are some developments in mobile payment technology which could be huge for the third sector. We’ve taken a look at what they might mean.


A ‘Fast Lane’ for mobile donations

Research published last July found that transactions on charity websites are least likely to be abandoned, and mobile payment technology could make that rate even lower. Deloitte predicts that “touch commerce” – using a third-party touch-based payment service to make a purchase – will increase by 150%, to reach 50 million users.

This could see mobile users making a donation or charitable purchase with a single tap or press of a fingerprint, making it that much easier for charities to capitalise on the impulse to give back. Combine that with Near Field Communication technologies such as the one Oxfam is trialling, and you could see donors looking at a campaign poster and using a single tap to give to the cause.


Faster shopping and faster giving

A faster way to check out in online shopping can also benefit charities, with platforms like haveyouseen turning online purchases into donations. It would also be useful for people like Big Issue seller Simon Mott, who could accept payments via mobile with a quick finger press.


Click to Donate

Remember the click-to-donate charity website? These were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s: users would visit the website, click a link, and revenue from advertising would pay for the donation.

The rise of ad-blocking has made this method of generating donations much less valuable in recent years, but mobile is another story. Deloitte predicts that just 0.3% of mobile devices will be using ad-blockers by the end of 2016; this could prompt a resurgence of the click-to-donate model on mobile.

What do you think will be the most revolutionary development in mobile giving for charities in 2016? Leave your thoughts below.

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