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Charity tech decisions require more input from digital teams

A report by CharityComms and Positive, a charity-focused digital agency, has revealed that charities need to do more to involve their digital teams when procuring new technology.

Pick ‘n’ mix: a guide to technology choices for charities, investigates how charities should go about selecting which technology to use.

The report’s authors looked at the technologies charities are using and the challenges their digital teams face, questioning 74 digital leads working in charities and including a roundtable discussion with eight digital experts working in or with the sector.

Six recommendations for choosing digital technology are identified in the report, while a number of issues holding back digital success are identified.


Damaging divisions

These include a lack of internal support and lack of investment, with IT and digital teams too often divided, and rigorous procurement processes preventing some digital teams from responding rapidly to new technologies, while other charities have difficulties getting buy-in from their management team.

The report also identified that less than half (45%) of digital departments currently have the final say on new web technologies.

Mike Jenkins, MD at Positive, said: “Developments in technology are increasingly putting digital at the forefront of organisational change. But while describing the biggest challenge you face as an organisation might come easily for some charities, pinpointing what technology provides the best, most cost effective, solution is a different matter.

“If this is to be done well, digital teams must be given the opportunity to get involved in these decisions and demonstrate the value they can add to meeting organisational objectives.”

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