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Why 2016 is the perfect time for charities to create a social advocate

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Social advocates are becoming increasingly important to brands of all organisations, whether they be profit-making or not-for-profit.

According to Social Media London, there are over 38 million active social media accounts in the UK, and as the country continues to “socialise” its business practices, this number will only increase in 2016. Social media analytics offer unprecedented insight into customer behaviours and have developed into a valuable resource for businesses.

The ADBL’s Digi Skills Report, published in Q4 of 2015, sought to provide a cross-industry snapshot of the current digital capability across all business functions. The report surveyed organisations on their use of digital channels, with almost 20 per cent of not-for-profits currently lacking a social media presence.

There is a strong correlation between social engagement and customer understanding and the Digi Skills Report further analysed industry-wide understanding of this customer perspective.

The report found that only 26 per cent of those within the not-for-profit sector agreed with the statement “everyone in the organisation understands who our customers are, their preferences and their behaviours,” compared with a cross-industry benchmark of 44 per cent.

This suggests that not-for-profits are falling behind in customer understanding and are in danger of falling behind other industries’ level of insight. It’s clear that not-for-profits need to better understand and engage with their supporters via social and mobile in order to flourish in 2016.

The ADBL’s Executive Diploma in Digital Business equips individuals with the skills required to better understand the digital world and key to that, their customers. Many not-for-profits are failing to position customer centricity at the core of their strategy and thus are in danger of falling behind. The ADBL’s programme covers essential skills including digital business models, understanding the customer perspective, unlocking and utilising big data, analytics and much more.

The ADBL’s Executive Diploma January intake closes on the January 31st. Visit ADBL’s website to discover its available charity rates.

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