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New digital platform to help with ‘little and often’ fundraising

A dedicated charity fundraiser has launched Give Penny, a new digital fundraising platform that encourages donors to give ‘little and often’ by allowing money to be raised from everyday challenges.

The Guardian reports that the platform was founded by Lee Clark in 2013, after he had to pull out of a cycling event with the flu, following months of training in freezing conditions.

In addition to this, Clark noticed during the Movember campaign that many people were reticent to give small amounts for fear of appearing tight-fisted.

Based on these experiences, Clark felt compelled to create the online fundraising platform.


Major selling point

A major selling point of the platform is its ability to track physical activity and invite sponsors to offer small amounts for event milestones through links to lifestyle apps such as Fitbit, as well as Facebook check.

Clark also wants the platform to be a creative hub where charities can collaborate on group activities.


A nod to the old school

“It’s a nod to the traditional school sponsorship form of yesteryear and it means that there’s an opportunity for a charity to benefit even if someone doesn’t complete a challenge. The focus is on pledging small amounts,” Clark told the Guardian.

“We want to offer a new way to embed regular giving into the public consciousness. I feel that the very best example of how technology has enabled people to give very small amounts without feeling guilty is the charity Pennies – they have started the move of spare change donation from the collection tins on shop counters to online or card payments.”

A small handful of charities in Birmingham, where Give Penny is based, have already signed up.

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