What time should you send marketing emails? (infographic)

All charities great and small make use of emails as a cornerstone of their marketing activities, whether drumming up support for a new campaign or simply thanking valued donors for their contributions. But, similar to great comedy, timing is key.

Much like social media or shift workers, different people are active at different times and it’s vital to have an idea about the internet access habits of your key demographics to ensure the maximum chance of your latest communiques.

This infographic from HubSpot offers some invaluable insight into the the best days and times to aim for inboxes.



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  • Interesting stats, but email campaigns for our clients rarely have the main objective of just an open. They’re usually aiming to drive some other form of engagement: donate, share, watch a video. So we would also consider the time of day/week the audience is most likely to take the intended action before basing a send purely on what will get the highest opens.