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Doofl app aims to facilitate fun fundraising

Doofl has launched a new charity fundraising app, which enables people to collect donations for specific causes by performing and sharing funny dares on social media.

Doofl was conceived to combat the lack of enthusiasm that is sometimes associated with fundraising by letting users and nonprofits inject some fun into the process. It’s easy for anyone to set up their own dare-based campaign and distribute it out to their linked social network.


Get creative

Users can create a Doofl fundraiser entirely on their mobile device in under three minutes and in five simple steps. First, the user selects from a list of thousands of charities.

He or she next chooses from a list of original, silly dares, like getting 5 strangers to dance together at a local Starbucks, or even performing a scene from Macbeth on a subway during rush hour.

These dares can be edited to make them even more fun and personal. Next, a target amount to be raised and the duration of the campaign is set. Finally, the user uploads a promotional video explaining the fundraiser and confirms the campaign.

The Doofl creator’s social network and any Doofl user can then vote for the campaign and pledge money to see the dare performed. At the end of voting, the creator of the Doofl fundraiser posts a video of the completed dare to convert pledges to donations to the creator’s chosen charity.


Ice-cold ambitions 

“Walk-a-thons and road races are great, but it’s often not very stimulating for the donor. We want to make it fun for everyone involved,” said Ted Decareau, Founder & CEO of Doofl. “By using video dares and donor voting, we can give lots of nonprofits a chance to put their own spin on an ice bucket-style challenge.”

According to The Crowdfunding Industry Report , the global crowdfunding market is set to reach $34.4 billion by the end of 2015. Doofl aims to become a leader in this rapidly growing field by using its mobile technology and good fun to help users create easy fundraising campaigns for nonprofits.


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