New one-woman charity launches website

A new Nottingham-based charity has launched a website to raise awareness about ADHD.

The charity, called ADHD Worldwide, was started only eight weeks ago by businesswoman Kayleigh Ruthven.


Building a social presence

She now has more than 1,600 followers on Twitter and Instagram and uses her social media presence to spread awareness with daily posts on the subject.

In addition to her inspirational blogs, Ruthven has started a fundraising page to collect funds for community services.

She told the Nottingham Post: “My main aim is to change the public’s perception about ADHD, which is largely that it doesn’t exist. But research and scientific evidence allows me to know that this is incorrect and discriminative.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to has been given the medication but then left to it. It’s all about education and trying to make a positive impact, as well as spreading hope that we can create a better future for people living with ADHD.”


Helping ‘difficult process’ of diagnosis

Her long-term plan is to get out into the community and set up support groups, in order to provide a better treatment and support for people in need.

Ruthven added:”I first realised I had ADHD when I read something online and it all just clicked into place. I went to the doctors 17 months ago but it’s a difficult process to be diagnosed. I’m still waiting.”

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