Harrison’s Fund hoping for a bah humbug Christmas

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy charity Harrison’s Fund is encouraging people to shame all those scrooges at home and in the office this Christmas with its Bah Humbug box.

The charity has created a downloadable box for people to put their pennies into when they start moaning about the madness of Christmas and to spare a thought for children who can’t undertake simple tasks like building a snowman or hanging a decoration on the tree because they suffer from a life threatening illness such as Duchenne.


A clever concept

The concept came from ais London, who provide pro bono support to the charity, and the box is the perfect antidote to those people who like to have a ‘moany Christmas’.

Founder of Harrison’s Fund Alex Smith said: “All that drinking, shopping, baking and wrapping. We moan about these things every Christmas. But they’re things my son, Harrison, would love to be able to do but he can’t because he has Duchenne.

“He and thousands of boys like him struggle with the fun stuff other children his age enjoy at Christmas – from opening his advent calendar to wrapping his brother’s gift.

“So next time you’re nursing a hangover after the office party, or you’re up to your eyeballs in wrapping paper and getting annoyed, spare a thought for Harrison and the boys like him, have a good old moan, then pop a pound (or two) into the Bah Humbug Box. You can get your grumpy friends and cranky colleagues involved too.”


A very personal cause 

Harrison’s Fund is named after the nine year old from Surrey who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal genetic condition which affects all the muscles in the body, causing them to waste away.

Harrison’s Fund’s goal is to get as much money as possible into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne.

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