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Heart charity targets one million views with video

A heart charity is hoping to raise some serious awareness this Christmas with an emotional video (see below), which they want people to share one million times.

Little Hearts Matter support families when their child is diagnosed with only half a working heart and this Christmas they have released a video to shed some light on the half a heart journey, with hopes that the video will reach the momentous one million views benchmark.


One story representing many more

The film presents a mother’s story of life with a son who has half a working heart and illustrates the many ways in which Little Hearts Matter has supported her family.

Suzie Hutchinson, chief executive at Little Hearts Matter, said: “These children face a lifetime of disability and need a huge amount of support to reach their full potential.

“Little Hearts Matter offers support to them and their families at every stage of their life and we need funds to allow is to continue our work.”


Bringing the issue into the mainstream

The diagnosis of a single ventricle heart condition is very rare and is consequently a condition that achieves very little mainstream attention or awareness, an issue that Little Hearts Matter hope to address with their new video.



To donate to Little Hearts Matter via text message, please text: HELP22 £5 to 70070 to donate £5


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