Should you be using Acapella for your next campaign?

They say a week is a long time in politics but I would like to proffer the admittedly less catchy phrase: six weeks is all it takes for a new app to create a internet sensation.

Admittedly my proclamation is based on a sample size of one, but frankly the meteoric rise of PicPlayPost’s Acapella app is worthy of a little hyperbole.

The concept is incredibly simple and as such it has the potential to be a fantastic marketing tool for charities lacking big budget clout.

The app allows users to create time-lapse videos and have initially been used for a host of posts involving people harmonising with themselves.


One-man barber shop quartet


However, people have already been using the apps capabilities for more humerous creations, such as this rather alternative recreation of Titanics’ denouement:



Big potential 

Whether charities choose to encourage their audiences to post videos in a new twist on the video sharing campaign craze or use it themselves to create low-cost and extremely innovative short films, it seems there is real potential here for those marketing departments willing to take a risk and try something new.

I’ve checked pretty extensively with my old friend Google and I haven’t yet found anything that a charity has done with this but it must simply be a matter of time.

Will your charity be the first to stick its head above the parapet and create a multi-layered masterpiece? We’d love to hear about it if you do.


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