Institute of Fundraising and the Small Charities Coalition collaborate on reform initiative

Two of the largest fundraising associations in the UK have announced a joint partnership, as they look to engage smaller charities on the 2016 fundraising reforms.


Not getting their voices heard

The Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and the Small Charities Coalition are responding to concerns held by smaller charities, as they feel like they don’t get their voices heard when the government implements new legislation regarding fundraising rules.

The IOF and the coalition have agreed to host ‘‘a forum to discuss issues and priorities,’’ as well as launching an online survey. This will allow the two groups to ‘‘understand the views of smaller charities in relation to the new fundraising regulatory system taking shape and to hear their ideas, concerns and recommendations.’’

The Charity Fundraising Regulator, which was announced in September, aims to:

  • Be funded by a levy on charities themselves, and all charities that spend more than £100,000 a year on fundraising – about 2,000 organisations – would be expected to contribute
  • It would report to a parliamentary committee
  • Create a new “fundraising preference service”, overseen by the new regulator, would act as a reset button for those unhappy with the number of charities contacting them
  • Help donors give their preferences to one body and de-selected charities would be obliged to stop calling and mailing
  • Name and shame charities that seriously or persistently breach the rules and could be forced to halt specific methods of fundraising until problems were resolved.


‘‘Highlighting the recommendations and priorities’’

Daniel Fluskey, head of policy and research at the IoF, is delighted with the announcement and cannot wait to begin taking views from smaller third-sector groups.

‘‘Smaller charities make up a huge proportion of the sector,’’ Fluskey says. ‘‘The IoF’s individual membership of 5,500 fundraisers come from 2,500 organisations across the UK and it is vital that we work to support, understand and represent their views, concerns and ideas.’’

‘‘By highlighting the recommendations and priorities from smaller charities we can ensure that the new system being formed works best for all fundraising organisations.’’

The forum and consultation are planned to take place following the summit being convened by the NCVO in early December to allow for any recommendations or developments from the summit to be fully addressed.

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