Tommy’s asks people to share their #misCOURAGE stories

Baby-focused charity Tommy’s has launched #misCOURAGE, a nationwide campaign on Facebook and Twitter to encourage mums, dads, family, friends and all those who have experienced miscarriage, directly or indirectly, to speak up, share their experiences, show their support and tell their stories of losing a pregnancy.

Supporting the campaign are the writer Viv Groskop, who has written compellingly about her own experience, and broadcaster Lisa Francesca Nand whose recent documentary First Heartbeat tells the story of her own experiences of miscarriage.


A shared experience

To encourage people to share their #misCOURAGE stories, the charity recorded Rosie’s experience:


Before the launch of the campaign, the charity conducted a survey on its Facebook page to gain an insight into the experiences of women going through the pain of miscarriage.

The poll of more than 6,000 women revealed:

  • 70% of women said that they felt guilty about miscarriage
  • 79% said they felt like a failure after losing a pregnancy
  • Two thirds of women said they found it hard to talk about their miscarriage
  • 85% said that they didn’t think people understood what they had gone through
  • 67% felt that they couldn’t talk to their best friend
  • 35% didn’t feel like they could talk to the father about their experience.


The push for testing

Currently, women in the UK have to endure three consecutive miscarriages before their case is fully investigated.

Tommy’s CEO, Jane Brewin, says: “It is not acceptable for a couple to go through this much suffering and uncertainty.

“We would like to see an immediate reduction to two and ultimately our aim is that every miscarriage is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.”

In order to undertake crucial medical research into miscarriage and reduce its prevalence, Tommy’s is opening the UK’s first national Miscarriage Research Centre in collaboration with Imperial College London and Warwick University in April 2016.

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  • Jennie Vargas

    Miscarriage, although some say it’s ok, couples can make another one, I think is really heartbreaking for expectant parents I never had one but I just got pregnant with the help of conceiveeasy and it really scares me to think that I might have a miscarriage.