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UK Public now trusts charities less than supermarkets

Charities are now the twelfth most trusted institutions in the UK, behind supermarkets, TV & radio stations and the Royal Family, according to the latest research by nfpSynergy.

With public trust now down five percentage points from 53% in the spring to 48% at the end of Autumn, it appears negative headlines about data security and careless funding have taken their toll.


Trust lowest for nine years

The poll of 1,000 UK citizens, which asks people if they trust charities ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’, has seen trust the lowest results for nine years, with the only time they received a lower score being July 2007 (42%).

Worryingly this drop in faith can’t be put down to general cynicism towards well-known institutions, with confidence in the police, schools and the royal family all improving or stagnating.


Sad results not surprising

Commenting on the results, nfpSynergy founder Joe Saxton said: “These are sad results if not surprising given the recent coverage of charities.

“The image of charities and their activities have had 6 months of un-precedented negative coverage in a number of areas. 

“We can only hope that the work on the new fundraising self-regulation regime and the NCVO-ACEVO partnership to promote ‘brand charity’ are able to get going as quickly as possible.” 

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