CALM launches #BiggerIssues to tackle male suicide

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is teaming up with Lynx for a major campaign across social and traditional media to help raise awareness of male suicide – the single biggest killer of UK men aged 45 and under.

The partnership will be supported with an innovative marketing campaign, including a high-impact out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign as well as digital and social activity.



Launching on the 2nd November, the awareness campaign will kick off with the brand’s high-impact #BiggerIssues OOH advertising.

The provocative advertising juxtaposes the huge attention that society can sometimes pay to relatively trivial topics with its unwillingness to engage openly with the issue of male suicide.

Digital poster sites will be updated in real time to chart major conversation topics on social media and how, while we are happy to talk about novelty items, league tables, fleeting fashion trends and soap storylines, male suicide remains a taboo subject.


Shocking regularity of suicide

Every two hours, the campaign creative will be changed across key sites to represent the fact that that every two hours, a man takes his life in the UK.

The campaign will culminate on International Men’s Day (19th November) with a social media activation designed to continue to raise awareness of male suicide and get media and consumers discussing the issue.

In the lead up to the 19th, Lynx will be encouraging consumers to donate their Twitter handle to the cause, to allow the brand and CALM to share one single message at the same time, on the same day to highlight the problem of male suicide.

The campaign has gained widespread celebrity backing from stars including Tulisa Contostavlos.


Still a taboo subject

Jane Powell, CEO of CALM, said: “This isn’t an issue which affects ‘other people’ or one that can be solely reasoned to mental health issues, considering suicide is clearly something many men will consider should their life circumstances change.

“Of those men polled, the largest proportion of those who’d thought about suicide never actually talked to someone about it and the reasons they didn’t talk reinforce the norms of what society think it is to ‘be a man’ – not to talk about their feelings or make those around them worry.

“Together with Lynx, it’s our hope that this campaign will raise awareness of male suicide and get people talking about the issue more openly.”

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