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New #InTheNipOfTime social media campaign attracts celebrity support

A host of male celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, have got involved with One For The Boys’ latest online campaign, which aims to raise awareness of male breast cancer.

According to the Independent, One For The Boys said of the new initiative, which has been given the hashtag #InTheNipOfTime: “Our main objective is to get men talking about cancer by removing the myths around it, and changing their attitudes towards their health.

We aim to get men paying more attention to their bodies when something might be wrong.”


‘Say something’

Samuel L. Jackson has acted as the voice-over for a video which has been created as part of the new campaign.

In the video, he says: “Men can’t just get man boobs. Nope, they can get breast cancer, too. So when you’re thinking about copping a feel, cop a feel of yourself. Don’t be the strong, silent type. If unsure, say something.”


Social media action 

To further support the campaign and raise awareness, Jackson took to Twitter to share a photo of his nipple to his followers. Harry Potter star James Phelps and actor Mark Ruffalo also got involved with #InTheNipOfTime by posting topless images of themselves with the hashtag on social media.

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