Anthony Nolan Halloween campaign tackles stem cell donation myths

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve taken a look at blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan’s latest campaign, #DonatingIsntScary.

| 29th Oct 15

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve taken a look at blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan’s latest campaign, #DonatingIsntScary.

The campaign aims to change the way in which the UK thinks about stem cell and bone marrow donation and bust any myths that it is something to be feared.

As the charity states on its website: “Too many young people are discouraged from signing up to donate, because they think it’s scary, or very painful, or dangerous – which couldn’t be further from the truth.”


Myth busting 

To help shatter this misconception and communicate to the public just how easy stem cell donation can be, a group of animation students – known as The Mippets – produced the video below.

The charity explained on its website:

We’re delighted to reveal the winning animated film, Stem Cell Donation Isn’t Scary, created by extraordinarily talented student filmmakers ‘The Mippets’ for this year’s inaugural Creative Vision Award for Charities.

As well as Dyslexia Action, Anthony Nolan won a bespoke animated short, worth around £150,000 each, to be created in partnership with Bournemouth University’s BFX Festival.

The films used cutting-edge VFX and animation techniques to communicate important messages.



So far, the video has received over 1,000 views on YouTube and has been shared widely on social media.

As part of the #DonatingIsntScary campaign, Anthony Nolan is also speaking to its donors about their own transplant experiences.


‘Mind-blowing technical skills’

Alexander Scott, Head of Marketing at Anthony Nolan, said: “We’re thrilled to have been chosen as one of the two charities to benefit from a bespoke animated film about our lifesaving work.

“Young people are the most in demand as stem cell donors, but sadly we know that misconceptions about the donation process put a lot of them off joining the Anthony Nolan register.

“Thanks to the mind-blowing technical skills and passion of these talented students, we’ve now got a powerful asset to help us bust myths and reach young people. 

“If just one person signs up to the register after watching this film online, that’s one more chance of a cure for someone facing blood cancer.