Video game company forms innovative partnership with non-profit

The Los Angeles-based video game company Naked Sky Entertainment has announced that 14.6 per cent of the net proceeds of its new game, Scrap Force, will go to the international non-profit organisation Love146.


Who is Love146?

Founded in 2002, this human rights organisation works to end “child trafficking and exploitation via survivor care and prevention”.

The charity said on its website: “Love146 is helping grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing effective, thoughtful solutions. We believe in the power of love and its ability to effect sustainable change. Love is the foundation of our motivation.”


Scrap Force – what’s it all about?

Scrap Force is a “strategy game that puts you in command of a ragtag group of young heroes tasked with saving the world from the menacing, interdimensional Obliteroids.”

With over 50,000 downloads over the weekend, the game has reportedly so far been a success and has topped the charts on iTunes this October.

According to Yale Daily News, Naked Sky Entertainment developed the game for two years before its CEO, Tian Mu, suggested collaboration with Love 146 that would serve the “dual purpose of entertaining consumers and funding an important cause”.

Commenting on why the company decided to approach Love146, Mu said:

The universe kept pointing us to the issue, and we simply could not turn away. We did some research into the different groups working to fight child trafficking and were drawn to Love146 for a number of reasons.”

He added: “Love146 works internationally but is also small enough that our contribution can make a real difference in the organization’s ability to scale their programs. We also did our homework on their organizational practices and we liked what we saw.”


How Scrap Force resonates with Love146

Love146’s co-founder and president, Rob Morris, commented on the benefits of the organisation’s collaboration with the studio:

We are encouraged by and deeply grateful for Naked Sky’s desire to make a difference by engaging one of the most difficult and painful social injustices of our time”, he said.

We appreciate that the studio desires to create a gaming experience that is fun, innovative, and socially responsible,” he added. “Naked Sky’s new game, Scrap Force, resonates with us in that children are the heroes — children are the heroes of our story, too.”

Love 146 director of development, Matthew Miller, pointed out that the game not only offers a great opportunity to raise money, but also awareness.

He said: “…there’s also a great opportunity for us to tell our story and reach a whole bunch of people that we might not necessarily be reaching.”

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