The Children’s Society adopts new fundraising platform

The Children’s Society has become the first charity to use a new fundraising platform developed by digital agency Positive.

| 27th Oct 15

The Children’s Society has become the first charity to use a new fundraising platform developed by digital agency Positive.

The platform makes it easier for charity’s to link their campaigns to JustGiving and capture their supporters’ data.

The Children’s Society is a charity that “helps change children’s stories” and works “towards a country where all children are free from disadvantage”.

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Key aims

A digital agency working with the charity and not-for-profit sector, Positive combines “strategic insight, technical expertise and creative flair” to reach measureable results.

The agency has developed the fundraising platform for The Children’s Society’s Tough n Buff campaign.  One of the campaign’s main goals was to develop a platform that could be re-used and would “keep fundraisers engaged throughout the one-month Tough n Buff process”.


The result

The outcome is a fresh JustGiving module within Drupal CMS that other charities can benefit from using a simple API integration.

The platform clearly presents the charity supporter’s data and provides them with all the information they need to take part in one place. According to Positive, they can “check the leaderboards to see how they’re faring against others” whilst charities can use this information to “track their supporter’s progress and thank them”.

The Tough n Buff campaign was soft launched earlier this year in order to test the platform before its main release, which is due in January 2016.

Sarah Espiner, digital fundraising manager at The Children’s Society, has commented on how the charity is using the Drupal module for this campaign.

The Tough n Buff site has been built especially to provide a really easy sign-up process where, using your Facebook log-in, users can automatically set up a Just Giving page in support of their fundraising, which includes a Tough n Buff profile page to show you how many exercises they should be doing on a certain day.

At The Children’s Society we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for the supporter, knowing that they’re likely to be short on time.

We ran competitions on social media to spark conversations with our Tough n Buff participants, and keep them involved and entertained. We also encouraged fitness bloggers to get involved. We kept the tone of our engagement really light throughout and we gave supporters the option of whether they wanted to receive daily or weekly email reminders of their fitness goals for that day. Our emails had a great response throughout and we had some participants raise really high sums of money to support us!”

Sophie Weatherill, who manages The Children’s Society account at JustGiving, said that the best aspect of this Drupal fundraising model is it “clarity”.

It allows charities to present their fundraisers’ data in a new way that’s clear and easy-to-use. Fundraisers can log in and see all the information they need in one place, from tracking their own progress to seeing how many other people are getting involved.”


Celebrating fundraisers’ success

The managing director at Positive, Mike Jenkins, has explained the aim behind the new fundraising platform.

We wanted to make it easy for charities to see who is taking part in their fundraising campaigns, how much each supporter has raised and how they’ve shared the campaign,” he said.

This data can then be used by the charity to personalise their communications and celebrate their fundraisers’ success. We’re currently working to improve the sign-up and login process and we’re improving the ability for fundraisers to share the campaign and build fundraising teams. This will all be available on the Drupal module in time for the Tough n Buff campaign’s main release in January.”