London’s Air Ambulance takes over News UK’s Instagram account for 24 hours

Earlier this week, London’s Air Ambulance hijacked News UK’s Instagram account (@thenewsbuilding) in a bid to “highlight the lifesaving work” of the charity, which treats an average of five critically injured patients every 24 hours.

News UK publishes The Times, The Sun, The Sunday Times and The TLS.

The 24-hour take-over, which commenced at 9am on Tuesday October 27th, follows a £10,000 donation by News UK’s parent company, News Corp, which is being used to provide a month’s worth of helicopter fuel.

Under the News Corp Giving programme, the company asked staff at their UK businesses to choose a charity “close to their hearts”. London’s Air Ambulance was selected by numerous staff wishing to support a service with the “unique ability to attend to the urgent needs of trauma patients across the city, within minutes”.

newsbuilding tweet


Helping to raise awareness

Neil Jeffers, London’s Air Ambulance chief pilot, has commented on how the takeover can make a real difference.

“As a charity, we hope that this takeover will illustrate the difference our supporters’ contributions make in London every day,” he said.

“Our patients need medical treatment fast to have the best chance of surviving their injuries and, using a helicopter, we can deliver an advanced trauma team to their side in minutes. We are grateful to News Corp for their generous donation and for helping us raise awareness about our work at a time when, following our recent acquisition of the second helicopter, we need the support of individuals and organisations in London more than ever.”

News UK chief operating oficer, David Dinsmore, said of the social media hijack:

“London’s Air Ambulance does a terrific job and I am very pleased that through this takeover we are helping to bring their work to new audiences.

“Through News Corp Giving our staff have been able to contribute to the lifesaving difference made by London’s Air Ambulance and we look forward to working closely with a charity that holds a special place in the hearts of so many Londoners.”

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    Sounds exciting. Looking forward to meeting your charity at the Charity Digital insights event on the 19th of November to ask you some questions in person!