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Charity creates interactive campaign to highlight hidden killers in the home

As Halloween fast approaches, the safety charity Electrical Safety First has joined forces with digital agency Code Computerlove to create a spooky interactive game that highlights the horrors of unsafe appliances.


How does it work?

The game depicts a scary and atmospheric household room, accompanied by horror film inspired music.

It challenges UK consumers to identify potential lethal appliances within the home by tapping areas of the screen. You have just 30 seconds to discover all of the potential culprits.

Intrigued? You can take part in the spooky challenge here


Interactive Game


Electric Safety First

Electric Safety First is the only charity in the UK devoted to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents.

Emma Apter, head of communications at the charity, said: “This new campaign will help to raise consumer awareness of electrical product recalls. No more than 20% of electrical product recalls are successful and when you consider that the majority of these products have been recalled because of a risk of electrical fire or electric shock, people are unknowingly putting themselves in danger. We hope that by appealing to audiences with a Halloween themed challenge the message will have a greater reach thanks to its shareability and high impact

Alongside some spooky Halloween messages, facts about the real horrors of ignorance around product recalls pop up throughout the experience, highlighting statistics around fires or accidents caused by faulty fridges and freezers, TVs and innocent looking small appliances like kettles that could result in electrocution or an electrical fire.”

The new game will be promoted via social media, including the charity’s Facebook page, Twitter and StumbleUpon.


An interactive online experience

Wini Tse, Code Computerlove director, said: “We were inspired by some of the amazing horror movies out there and bought key elements from these, from sounds and music to dark and eerie visuals, into this interactive online experience. It’s been great fun to make and more importantly will help Electrical Safety First get important messages out there in a creative, impactful way.”

esf killer lurking end frame  copy

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  • I like the idea of the game and it looks and works really well. However, having just had a quick go at the game and having gotten to the end, I only highlighted one of the dangers and wasn’t then told of the dangers i had missed on the finish screen. I feel that by including the answers once the time is up it would mean that even the people who don’t complete the game will still be educated on the potential dangers.