‘We are Rangers’ Minecraft map released to raise awareness of conservation issues

United for Wildlife has released “We are the Rangers”, a community made, charity Minecraft map.

| 16th Oct 15
Rhino, We are Rangers

United for Wildlife has released “We are the Rangers”, a community made, charity Minecraft map.

To celebrate the release of the Minecraft map, the organisation will be hosting a build day on 17th October, in association with Young Rewired State. It will take place at Mozilla Foundation’s offices in London.

At the event, there will be 20 young digital makers in the room, however this is not open to the public.

There will also be two YouTubers who have been heavily involved in the map development Dragnoz and WizardKeen. They will be running two YouTube live streams on their YouTube accounts on the day.


The map’s objectives 

The “We are the Rangers” Minecraft map is designed for digital Minecraft makers and players – aged 15 the 30 – who can get clued up on conversation through a community Minecraft build and games.

Based on the African savannah, the Minecraft map enables players to think about the challenges faced by African wildlife.

This release continues the gaming outreach, which is part of the United for Wildlife #WhoseSideAreYouOn campaign, which was launched by the Duke of Cambridge and David Beckham in June 2014.

United for Wildlife is an alliance between seven influential conservation organisations, led by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Price Harry.


‘We are the Rangers’

WeAreTheRangers was developed by The Royal Foundation and Zoological Society of London, and was supported by the other members of the United for Wildlife collaboration.

“We are the Rangers” has three components:

  1. “The Golden Pangolin” Mini-game – “Players can join one of two teams of rangers, who must rescue animals from four focal endangered species”
  2. “The Quest” map – based on the savannah and geography of Kenya , including landmarks such as Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro
  3. “The Creator” map – Gamers build their own creations in Minecraft and share on social media using the #WeAreTheRangers hashtag.


On Friday 16th October, United for Wildlife released two play through videos on YouTube, shown on Stampy Longhead (a very high profile YouTuber with 6.5million subscribers) and Wonderquest (the channels run by Stampy and WizardKeen, which has 384k subscribers).

There will also be activity across Friday and the weekend from Dragnoz and Samasaurus.