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Campaign offers patients the chance to thank nurses

A new online campaign is appealing for patients to share their positive experiences with nursing staff and offer their gratitude on social media.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust, a charity offering support to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are suffering hardship, is asking people to celebrate the contribution its members make to their wellbeing.

A video on the campaign’s site gives examples from grateful patients.


A very personal campaign

Through the ‘Moment of Thanks’ campaign the charity is hoping to raise awareness of its cause and bring the great work of nurses and health workers everywhere into focus.

The site encourages people to leave an account of their experience along with a photo, which it then shares on Twitter, using #MomentofThanks.

The campaign was inspired by the 100-year anniversary of the execution of nurse Edith Cavell and hopes to spread her values in today’s world.

Cavell is famous for her unprejudiced treatment of both Allied and German soldiers during WWI and for helping 200 Allied soldiers to escape German-occupied Belgium – an act which result in her arrest and execution by  firing squad.

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