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Supermodel Natalia Vodianova introduces philanthropic app

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova has co-founded an innovative app connecting charities and philanthropic people to make a “big difference with little actions”.

Elbi, which recently launched on the App store, is “a global platform for social good”.


How does it work?

The Elbi website offers the following examples to demonstrate how the app can be used:

It goes like this. On the train home you send a joke to Max, stuck on the children’s ward in London. Feels good. The you’re waiting for a coffee and you snap a smiley selfie to a cleft surgery patient in rural India. She sends you one back. That feels really good, so you tap the Love Button to send 1/$1.”

It has been designed to enable people to volunteer moments of their time “without breaking the bank”, allowing users to “do good on the go in <3 minutes”.

“We’re harnessing tech for good. And were very, very passionate about it,” the Elbi team said.


Bringing the power of digital to charities

According to Business Insider Australia, Vodianova said:

Elbi is a platform that brings the power of social and digital worlds to charities and connects them with people around the world. With Elbi you can do small actions that make a big difference.”

Users of the app can currently donate to numerous UK-registered charities, such as Save the Children International and Blue Sky Thinking.

Charities can create campaigns on the app and interact with their supporters by “posting live updates directly to people’s phones”. Furthermore, organisations are able to “choose and promote their favourite pieces of user-generated content” in the app.

Co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, said of the app:

Elbi provides an innovative, empowering mobile platform to help others. The Millennial generation is so eager to make a difference; and Elbi fits perfectly into their busy digital lives, giving them small but impactful ways to help others around the world.”


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