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How social media is being used for this year’s Hospice Care Week

The theme for this year’s Hospice Care Week (Monday 5 October to Sunday 11 October) is Connecting Care. Hospice UK is inviting the public to get involved and show their support in numerous ways, including engaging with the cause on social media.

From “a nurse using the latest technology to support a patient” to “a bereavement counsellor bringing a family together to cope with loss”, the charity wants to raise awareness about how important it is for hospices to stay connected.

The week is timed to coincide with World Hospice and Palliative Care Day (10 October 2015).


How to get involved

Hospice UK, the national charity for hospice care, is concentrating on the special role that hospices play in: connecting with individuals and families, connecting with local communities and connecting people with one another.

It aims to highlight examples of particularly compassionate and personalised care that enables people to connect.

There are a number of different ways that the public can get involved with Hospice Care Week, a number of which relating to social media.

Supporters can:

  • Add the Twibbon to their social media profile picture. (This is a small image that is overlaid onto a Twitter or Facebook profile picture to show support for a campaign.)
  • Join the online conversation by keeping an eye out for#HospiceCareWeek on Twitter
  • Connect with their local hospice and find out how you can support their work

To discover out how your local hospice is getting involved, you can contact them directly using Hospice UK’s Hospice Finder directory.

The charity will also be publishing a regular Hospice Care Week e-newsletter for its members to stay updated on the resources available and to share activities. If you would like to subscribe to this, you can email the charity on:

You can find out more about Hospice Care Week and how to get involved here.




Previous social media campaigns

Hospice UK uses social media in multiple ways to raise awareness of what hospices have to offer.

In April, the charity caught onto the fact that, during an episode of a popular soap, one of the characters spoke about someone being transferred to a “grotty hospice”.

It  united with local hospices on Twitter to show everyone that hospices are anything but  “grotty” by posting pictures of hospice services, patients and their grounds using the hashtag: ‘#notding’.

The hashtag was used over 1,400 times on social media and instigated hundreds of posts.

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