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BeHppy app launches charitable campaign

BeHppy, the app that aims to encourage happy thoughts, has been updated so that its users can now also support charitable organisations.


‘Virtual currency for happiness’

BeHppy is an anonymous network that promotes happiness. It works by users sharing their favourite happy thoughts via an inspirational quote or photo.

These memories are saved in a “personal happy place” – MyHappy. They might also appear on the ‘Hppy Cloud’, which is a public space collating happy moments from the community.

When someone “smiles at your post or replies to it”, you get a “Hppy Coin”. This is the app’s virtual currency, which is used to reward users for making others happy.

The app wrote in a blog post:

Post a happy photo, add (or not) a comment and see how your happiness can spread… for each smile or reply you get, receive a Hppy Coin, our virtual currency for happiness.


Charitable donation

Once you have collected 100 Hppy Coins, you can “redeem them towards a charity badge”, indicating that the app’s campaign sponsor will donate $1 to one of the featured charitable organisations.

BeHppy’s first campaign sponsor is SFTourism Tips.

At the end of the campaign, they will donate to the charitable organisations featured on the app website, including to The Dreaming Zebra – a non-profit that inspires children to “embrace their individuality, express themselves creatively and follow their artistic dreams”.

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