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Anxiety UK’s #HighFiveForAnxiety campaign goes viral

Hundreds of people have joined Anxiety UK’s social media campaign #HighFiveForAnxiety, which involves tweeting a photograph of yourself doing a high-five alongside the hashtag to raise awareness of anxiety and show support for those who suffer from it.


What does it stand for?

The hashtag was created on Tuesday 22nd September by training and partnership co-ordinator Laura Whitehurst as a way to show support for those with anxiety. It was part of the weekly #charitytuesday social media trend.

Whitehurst told HuffPost Lifestyle:

I decided to start a #highfiveforanxiety campaign, because sometimes, when you’re struggling, all you really want is for someone to say: ‘Hey, you’re doing great, hang in there, I’m rooting for you’ and that’s what the high five stands for.”


How the campaign took off

Having opened up about anxiety in the past, the 25-year-old fashion and beauty vlogger Zoella showed her support for the campaign. Her tweet received over 600 retweets and more than a thousand favourites.

I tweeted our first high five and we received some lovely responses back, then Zoella picked it up and that was it… it really took off, ” Whitehurst  said.

The digital health platform Headspace, which provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training, also joined the campaign to show its support.


Anxiety UK

A national registered charity for those with anxiety disorders, Anxiety UK was established in 1970 by a sufferer of agoraphobia.

Today, the charity is a user-led organisation, which means it is run by sufferers and ex-sufferers of anxiety disorders.

Supported by a “high-profile medical advisory panel”, Anxiety UK provides important information and support for those with anxiety through a range of services (including 1:1 therapy).

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